Thursday, 19 April 2012

* Vocabulary: words I learned *

Lists of words that I learned during this Semester:

Language input 
Language output


Social network
Blog entry /blog

What did I learn ?

During this Semester, I've learned many things about technology, I learned how to use some tools and it would be very interesting to use them when I am a teacher. Wordle, Edublogs, Storymaker(if you don't what I'm talking about, it means you didn't read all of my posts !!), those websites could help me to make my teaching more attractive, to make my pupils want to learn

I also learned how much stories can be useful to teach vocabulary, to teach them things through activities they like. I hadn't realized that games, songs, and all the creative activities are the best way to teach. I understood that if we don't adapt ourselves to the pupils, they won't feel engaged, they won't feel like learning new things every day ! Knowing what are the new technologies, in what world children evolve, we will be able to know how to make the teaching interesting, how to make them want to come to school day after day. 

I also learned many things concerning the use of the computer such as screenshots, lists of vocabulary on Wordle, creating stories on Voicethread, creating a blog... I really liked all of these activities, I think it helped me to be more open-minded concerning the integration of social networks or technologies within the class.

My language didn't improve as much as I expected, we rather learned technical words, but it benefited me too.

I didn't encounter many difficulties, the explanations for realizing each task were very clear. The fact that I study  English really helped me. But I'm not saying that I didn't make progress, I have learned many things, much more important than new words of vocabulary such as methods of teaching.

Very interesting semester ! 

The girl who talked to animals

Thursday, 12 April 2012

21st Century Teaching Strategies

Produced by Edutopia, this video was realized in Singapore, at the NGEE ANN Secondary School. Singapore is recognized as one of the world's top education systems ! This podcast is very interesting. It deals with adapting teaching methods to pupils, to the world we live in. Several teachers explain how they try to find interesting technics to make their lessons attractive, they explain that using Technology, their pupils are engaged in the class. They collaborate instead of being focused on themselves, there is interaction between the pupils, they can exchange ideas, learn from others and teach their comrades things they know. I think this is very important that pupils feel integrated, that they are interested in what they learn. At first, I thought it was maybe something bad to introduce technology within the class because children would use it all the time, without interruption, and I think they have to interest themselves in other things than Internet, Facebook, etc. But I realized that computers, smartphones, and all things that belong to technology are "new ways to connect with the kids", if teachers adapted their methods to what pupils like, learning would become very rich, interesting. As Adrian Lim says in the video, it is important to consider how the world has changed to be able to make our teaching methods more attractive. Watching this video, we see that all the pupils seem happy to come to school, to learn with their comrades. Technology facilitates interaction between the teacher and the pupils; when there are 40 pupils in a class, it is not possible to listen to each pupil, whereas using smartphones, all the questions can be read on a board and each pupil feel that his question is important, is considered by everybody. I would myself use some kind of technologies because I realized how important it is to pay attention to what pupils want to learn, HOW they want to learn and how much it is important to adapt ourselves to them instead of asking them to adapt to our old methods. But I still think that we have to combine technology with books, with things that would help pupils not to be cut from the real world. Please, watch this video because it is very enriching ! :)
If you want to see it, click ItunesU, Teaching and Education, search "Teaching in the classroom" and click Technology Integration (Edutopia) on the left corner.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Web 2.0 for Rookies

What I would like to talk about is just a part from "Web 2.0 for Rookies" : Twitterfiction
The principle is simple: it's a way to make people like writing, so they have to find it interesting to like it. With this application, people just have to invent a short story on any subject, using only 140 characters. 

Here is an example that I took on Twitterfiction:
"As she left, the sun broke through and hope sprung up like an explosion. She had tried for a scholarship and got none, but she went anyway."

Here is mine:
"She smiled, while looking at him. They ran as fast as they could and they laughed loudly. He took her hand and they lay down in the grass. Here began the best day of their life."

Monday, 19 March 2012

10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education

This video is very interesting. It exposes the best 10 reasons to use technology like Ipads, Tablets, Computers, Listening centers... You should watch it and try to see how it could help as a teacher.

1) Students love it
2) It engages the four key components to learning
3) Professional development
4) Makes life easier for Teachers
5) Improves test scores
6) Helps students with low attention spans (duration)
7) Learn from the experts
8) Encourages completion (achievement) of homework
9) Saves money
10) Remove obstacles

I think that the most interesting ideas that I would retain are the first, the second, the sixth, and the tenth because they would be the most useful for the students. But as a teacher, I wouldn't abandon the traditional methods of teaching because they are very useful too. Links have to be made between the two methods, it's my opinion.

Story Maker

If you want tocreate, invent your own story, this website is very well-done and it takes a few time to make it ! Try and tell me if you like it :) Enjoy ! You can also look at the story I've done and comment !